The Annual Limpopo Gospel Music Awards (LIGMA) is a strategic platform designed to stimulate competition and reward excellence when it comes to gospel music in the province. Through this initiative, we intend to contribute towards the sustainable growth and development of the local gospel music for many decades to come. It’s the “Celebration of Limpopo’s Finest”.Our Team is devoted to working with all Churches, Ministries, Religious Movements, Government and NGO’s that share the same vision of praising God through gospel music.

·         We are Informed by the rich history of producing some of the top Gospel music artists in the country and the desire to preserve such great musical journey

 ·         After Gauteng (though we all know that no one can claim to be originally from GP) Limpopo Province is the most diversified province in SA with three mainstream African language Groups

·         Over the years, the likes of J Hlungwane, Paul Mulaudzi, ECHO, Masole a Kgotso, Ephraime Kgatle to mention but a few, paved the way for our Gospel artists.

·         Despite all their contributions, most of them never got an opportunity to be celebrated at any official awards ceremony (both at national and provincial level).

·         We say, charity begins at home, from here we can conquer at national level and then go global, but let’s pave the way now

·         It’s through this initiative that we can continue to produce the best while we give our gospel artists an opportunity to show case their craft across all the diverse cultural groups of our province.

·         Limpopo Gospel Music Awards seeks to celebrate Limpopo’s finest when it comes to gospel music, the future starts now


Brought to you by LIGMA FOUNDATION.